Saturday, 14 February 2009

Leonard Cohen / Leonard Cohen



White Flower said...

And you want to travel with her,
And you want to travel blind,
And you know she will trust you,
For you've touched her perfect body with your mind.

Combinação perfeita!
A música, a (tua) foto e... Mr. Cohen.

Humm lá lá lá.mp3 ;)))))

Vanessa said...

escolhido a dedo, não?



Sofia said...

Ahahaha :)

Que melhor podia ser? ;)

Não que não tenha Cohen, mas assim todas "juntinhas" não tinha não.



gingerandclove said...

Please find me
I'm almost 30

[Cohen etched this poem on the wall of a restaurant in Cyprus during the late '50s. He wrote it in response to a woman who had rebuffed his advances several years prior by telling him to "come back when you're 30"].

gingerandclove said...

i just thought it was so beautiful:)

he is so beautiful