Friday, 6 March 2009

FLY / 0114

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White Flower said...

i sleep with my clothes
i sleep with my shoes on
the sheets are twisted
getting in the way
i stare at the carpet
it’s stained by the sun
come on, come on
let this silence have its say

sleeping became useless when the thought had hit my mind

(It’s Not So Bad At All)

gingerandclove said...

so amazing... just before opening your page i've been introduced to the work of the photographer who the photo of this post belongs to:)

A Origem do Segredo said...

Os limites da tráfego da internet a que estava sujeita, andavam a impedir-me de ouvir o que há de melhor por estas bandas ;) Agora a net regressou sem limites e eu pronta para larapear as pérolas que aqui tens =) *

L said...

I'm sort of surprised to fine Matt Pond here - looking forward to hearing it. Thanks.