Sunday, 1 March 2009

[ Call For The Sun ] *


xxWaldsonne - Call For The Sun


White Flower said...

One day we made a studio out of my living room
to kill some time recording songs,
and I wore sunglasses when I sang the one about you,
so you wouldn't misread my eyes and take it wrong.

And we listened to the whole session in reverse
after we'd finished that night,
and I heard my songs unsing themselves,
and inside me all wrongs were made right.

- Play In Reverse -

as velas ardem ate ao fim said...

Soube me tão bem esta Primavera!


ilhéu said...

Julgo que te precipitaste! Regressou o tempo cinzento e húmido que me deposita em casa e me obriga a olhar pela janela à procura de qualquer coisa florido. Abraço