Tuesday, 17 March 2009

FLY / 0124


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White Flower said...

Louca! Gira! Espectáculo!
My life is going by at an insane speed — as lives tend to do. I've been here just long enough to have almost forgotten where it is I really came from, or maybe it's that I've been here long enough to have learned how to let go of "that" constant longing for where I came from. I've started to love people I once disliked or even thought I hated, and I have stopped loving some that I thought I could never be free of. All that said, there is still a long way to go and I am just so grateful to be here — and grateful to be creating music with the people I hold dearest to my heart.

- in Jesse Sykes's Bio on her site -
Like, Love, Lust & the Open Halls of the Soul shows a band not half-awake, but all-consumed-even enraptured.

- American Songwriter -