Thursday, 5 March 2009

FLY / 0113

DOWNLOAD (With bonus)


White Flower said...

Hey, little wild girl,
I think maybe turned out okay.
The trail was washed up in the rain
The cops cannot catch us now.

Hey, little wild girl,
By the ocean, dressed in white.
All that’s left is your whole life.

All there is, the world is gonna give
Look out at the sea, there’s your whole life.

(Wild Girl, Matt Pond)
As letras dele são simples, mas bonitas.
Som agradável. E, se percebi bem, no site deles têm o álbum para fazer download!??!!!

gingerandclove said...


...the 1st song doesn't play

gingerandclove said...


ilhéu said...

Este Matt Pond, pá, gostei. Tem garra e leva isto muito a sério. Abraço e bom fim de semana.