Monday, 30 March 2009

FLY / 0142

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White Flower said...

As partes instrumentais são uma maravilha, mas com a voz dela ficam um espanto!
Hope Waits used to dream, curled up next to her sisters in a tiny one-bedroom house in Monroe, Louisiana. There were lots of siblings, two working parents, and only a tiny space to share in their little run down house. She would often times hide away in the corner of a room, crawl under the house, or atop an old tree just to get away from the chaos.

She was an escapist. She was a writer at the age of five, and she began singing before she could crawl. One of her earliest memories of childhood was waking her mother in the middle of the night, standing atop a chair beside her bed, belting out a song. No matter what she did as a child, she did it differently from everybody else.

- in Hope Waits homepage -

sigmanane said...

link is dead.please,re upload or post another one.long time looking for this album.regards

Fly said...

New link :)