Wednesday, 22 April 2009

No, clearly not. The “Fly Song(s)” are not my favourite songs, of now or ever. They are only some “pretty” songs lost in some less interesting CD’s, EP’s (I never understood very well their purpose) or of some less known musicians…P.S.: By the way, a confession. “My” music is actually the jazz (without voice), from the 50’s (when the same was in the creative and pure form). “My” musician, the great musician? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. (...) Strange, no?


Anonymous said...

...confidê, ai!

gingerandclove said...

oh noooo! first you say you are a guy not a girl, and now this! have mercy!!

request one: will you upload a CD of the greatest pop-music that ever existed - i.e. of Mozart

request two: more confessions please:)))


variasformasdearte said...

Não é estranho! Porquê estranho?!
Se Tu gostas e te faz sentir bem, porque não?

A música e os pequenos prazer de saber ouvir, não é para todos é só para alguns :-)

F said...

No, not strange.
Gosto deste blog. Venho cá com frequência. Gosto de Mozart e muito de Bach. Gosto de Jacques Loussier, de jazz... e das músicas deste blog.

asha said...

Fly can you tell me the name of the song above these of those pretty songs under my heart...

thank you..

FLY said...

The Magic Numbers "Sing A Song For You"