Sunday, 28 June 2009

FLY / 0200 // The CD That Never Comes...


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White Flower said...

Para além de uma magnífica voz, tem uma história gira. Por isso aqui está a sua biografia do MySpace.
Emme Packer was born and raised in Farmington, Utah, a small town just outside of Salt Lake City. As a child, Emme wandered the home singing and making instruments out of boxes and rubber bands. Inspired by a female artist she saw on television, at 13 years old she taught herself how to play the guitar by visualization and memory. She played and sang in her room with no one knowing of her talents until she reached 18 years old when she decided to record an album independently. The album was released without her ever having played an actual gig in her life. Most of her close family and friends heard her for the first time on this 2003 album titled, "Dirty Street".

In 2005 Emme wrote, recorded and produced her second independent album, titled, "Better Luck Next Time", and began playing shows on a regular basis. 2006 was spent on the road, supporting her second album with a west coast tour. And in 2007, Emme released her latest album, "Joy. The Machine." on her own newly formed independent label, Blue Siren Records.

Since the creation of Blue Siren, Emme has been touring the world with the support of a full band and working on a new double disc release, titled, "Earlier, Later". The new full band album has an estimated release date of summer 2009.

When asked about her ideas and inspiration for writing, Emme says, "All my prominent life experiences from the day I was born to now are written about. Music is my way to get my head straight and to feel that I've grown in some way. We all have our struggles and our stories: this is what my music is about. If it can impact even one person in a positive way, then I feel it was worth all the embarrassing admissions."