Wednesday, 22 July 2009

FLY / 0215



augusta said...

que nome promissor..


augusta said...

são bons!!


White Flower said...

Como é possível!!!!!
Eles "andam por aí" desde 1995!!!!
Onde andavam metidos?
Que aspecto... He he he!
Sabias que por causa do "feitio da m****" do vocalista, já passaram mais de 40 membros pelo grupo?!!!!
Ui, deve ser fácil deve... :P

White Flower said...

we have met, and we have parted;
you're all this world to me.
if you do not love me, darlin',
in my grave i'd rather be.
i wish i had a golden box
to put my true love in.
i'd take her out, and i'd kiss her twice,
and i'd put her back again.

sungirl said...

Ha ha I was the first one to vote!..all too sleepy over that side of the world eh....could not have voted for a Mother though...
So whats the prize then Fly....a whole lot of nice songs from the greatest singers I hope??....