Saturday, 25 July 2009

FLY / 0217

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White Flower said...

Maravilhosa voz! Muito boa!
A capa do 1º álbum é linda...
Ela em Abril tocou em Portugal.
Ora Cogan is the daughter of a popular Israeli folk singer and a Photo-Journalist. Her Parents left Israel for Canada after the Yom Kippur War and moved to Salt Spring Island, B.C. where Ora was born in 1982. The Cogan's house was in equal parts a home, recording studio, dark room and a haven for travelers and Musicians.

Ora began to write her own songs at the age of 12 and in her adolescence taught herself to play Guitar, Violin, Piano and Dulcimer. Under the influence of old American and Middle Eastern records, the Young artist began to develop the haunting style of her songs.

When she was 17 years old Ora went to live with her grandmother in Israel. Due to dangerous circumstances she decided to leave. She bought a passage to Greece and slept on the deck of a ship for three days before arriving in Athens. She performed alone on the streets and in the pubs of Europe for a year while writing songs that would later be recorded on her first release "Sparrow" in 2005.

- in Ora Cogain's page -

White Flower said...

Gostei mesmo dela!
Que voz... que voz!