Monday, 24 August 2009

FLY / 0231 // Stunning beauty. An ode to simplicity. The path of love.



White Flower said...

Espera... deixa-me respirar...
Linda! Loucura...
Sonya Maria a really damn fine singer.

- Pitchfork Media -

A voice that conjures shadows, reveries, and simple truths.

- Ample Sanity -

This is an artist to watch out for. A voice that sends tingles down your spine, melts and breaks your heart in the same phrase.

- Left Hip Magazine -

Cotton has one of those rare, distinguishable voices you can't possibly forget, and her music should stick with you long after the album is over.

- McKeesport Daily News -

augusta said...

esta voz é um campo aberto, uma voz que ecoa até onde a nossa vista alcança..



Dsata said...

Do you know this video of a session Sonya Cotton played ?

FLY said...


Thanks :))
Lovely singer!