Wednesday, 23 September 2009

FLY / 0244



White Flower said...

Que delícia...
Hehehe!!! A capa é mesmo gira!
Jessie Torrisi is a bit out of the ordinary. She's a Country/Americana singer with an Alt-Rock sound mixed in with her Country Twang. Her lyrics are intelligent and nuanced; full of sensuality and a personal voraciousness for life that can be startling and then endearing. Torrisi's voice isn't what you'd call classically pretty, but you know you'll stay and listen as long as she keeps singing. The songs themselves are off the beaten track, full of a beauty and singular personality that could become a trademark. Brûler Brûler is a thrilling introduction for us here at Wildy's World, and we are excited to see what Torrisi does next.

- in Wildy's World -

augusta said...

enjoying it

gracias, admirable fly!

gingerandclove said...