Monday, 5 October 2009

Fly Songs / 12 Songs


Kate Earl - Nobody
The Beatles - Blackbird
The Shivers - Beauty
Gregory & The Hawk - Boats & Birds
Mary Margaret O'Hara - To Cry About
Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere
Over The Rhine - I Want You To Be My Love
PJ Harvey (& John Parish) - Is That All There Is?
Pomplamoose (Nataly Dawn) - La Vie En Rose
The Wave Pictures - Nothing Can Change This Love
Elephant Parade - Thirteen Things
Zero 7 - Swing



gingerandclove said...

mmm, this one is nice:)

and here it's Summer all over again

White Flower said...

Tinha de ser esta a música escolhida deste cd. ;)
Lembro-me sempre do vídeo no My Fly Away...
E quem não gosta de um passeio à beira mar? :D

augusta said...

is that all there is?


thanks, so much..


fulltext said...

I love it! Can I repost this on my blog?

FLY said...

Yes :))


sungirl said...

Over the Rhine...! I think of the lovely video that you made with this song and now its lost.....lovely song...thanks Fly...

Anonymous said...

whats next whats NEXT???

/biting my nails, elbows and knees in anticipation/

tashushka-maria dolores sanchez

ilhéu said...

Fiquei por cá sem pressas. Abraço

augusta said...

buenas noches!


White Flower said...

Hey, Fly!!!!!
Eu sei que o Inverno é para hibernar, mas...
E há tantas fotos a cheirar a Outono e tantas músicas com som a Outono... :P