Thursday, 26 November 2009

FLY / 0262

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White Flower said...

San Francisco based Rykarda Parasol (\reh-kaer-dah\) plays "rock noir" that evokes moody atmospheres and gin-drenched romanticism. Describes the sound as underhanded and white-collar criminal, the music draws comparisons to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Nico and the Velvet Underground, Black Heart Procession, and Johnny Cash. These cinematic songs tell stories of bad deeds and betrayed loves with stark simplicity.

The daughter of a Holocaust survivor and Swedish mom, Rykarda Parasol (her real name), began writing and performing after returning to her native San Francisco following some years living in both Los Angeles and Texas. Her experiences became the inspiration for poignant songs about isolation, detachment, and death. Those true accounts have a dominant space on the acclaimed debut album.

- in Rykarda Parasol's web page -

Dsata said...

Thank you. She is great. Have you seen :

augusta said...

não conhecia..


Dianna Arnspiger said...

Dear Blogger

Thank you so much for blogging about Rykarda Parasol.

We noticed that you posted a song of hers. We ask that all downloadable songs or Mp3s be removed. Your disclaimer is in good faith and we appreciate it, but it still means that MP3s are being distributed freely, which is prohibited. We ask that downloadable MP3s be removed. However, please feel free to use the following:

1) You may post any of Rykarda’s music videos from Youtube (Hannah Leah, Candy Gold, Je suis une fleur)

You can find her channel here:

2) Also, we do allow bloggers to post the following song clip of "A Drinking Song", which is not the full song:

3) Please feel free to post to her myspace page where listeners can listen for free:

4) Please feel free to post a link to where listeners can also listen to “clips” for free as well:

Please note no MP3s should not be downloadable. They may be posted with a player (for example myspace does this).

For most bands and artists, selling MP3s is one of the only ways they are able to make money in music, which helps them continue performing and recording. When MP3s are distributed for free it takes away from the artist. Most artists make very little. We hope you kindly understand.

Thank you and cheers,

Dianna Arnspiger

Anonymous said...

Try here: