Sunday, 6 December 2009

FLY / 0267 // (Probably) The Best CD Of 2009



Mo said...

brilliant fireworks,
love the voices, the music, tempo and timing.
And wonderful videos.."fire of birds", "Pity Dance", "Isaac's Song" great work.

YES...the best CD of 2009.


Anonymous said...

Agree. Fantastic! This guy must have an orchestra in the head!

White Flower said...

Uma palavra... Fabuloso!
Deste homem brota música.
Do melhor que tenho ouvido.

White Flower said...

David Stith comes from a musical family: his father is a college wind ensemble director and former church choir director; his grandfather is professor emeritus in the music department at Cornell University; his mother is a pianist; his sisters sing opera, play piano, tap dance, play timpani and are excellent soft ball players. David Stith grew up dreading the family ensemble's appearances in church, preferring instead to draw mazes on the blank sides of church bulletins during services. In fifth grade, a harrowing performance of Phantom of the Opera at a school assembly (accompanied by his mother on piano) nearly turned him off to music for good. He started a noise band in high school, called Starchild (or Starchildren, or The Pool --they never did quite decide); but they preferred painting their guitars over playing them. David wrote a lot of bad poetry during this time.

In college, David attempted writing a novel and a children's book, illustrating his work with original woodcut prints. His pursuit of writing and illustration brought him from Rochester to Brooklyn, where he took up work as a graphic designer. While in Brooklyn, David befriended Shara Worden (of My Brightest Diamond), and soon after began facilitating, in small technical ways, the recording of her album Bring Me The Workhorse. This, in turn, spurred David to begin writing and recording songs of his own. It was a casual, private affair. He spent countless days stored away in his bedroom, sketching folk songs with epic electronic gestures, a rekindling of passions for his first familial love: music.

David completed his first catalog of songs for an album called Ichabod and Apple, written and recorded in the first month of his song-writing experiments. His first full length album is Heavy Ghost, on Asthmatic Kitty Records.

It was no grand injunction that encouraged David to return to music. He writes songs for the same reasons he enjoys a good conversation: it's just natural. His songs come out of a knock-about life, pressed by the urge to overcome insecurities, to probe questions, to revisit dreams and visions.

- in Asthmatic Kitty Records -

FLY said...

Tinha lido apenas algumas coisas sobre ele...
Agora percebo melhor "de onde lhe vem" tanta música e sons!

FLY said...

Este é o primeiro CD dele. Para trás tem uns EPs (não percebo esta dos EPs...) e algumas músicas e "demos" soltas. Prometo juntar "tudo" e postar o "2º CD dele"! :) Amanhã ou depois... ;)

augusta said...

boa noite.. altas horas

volto amanhã

um beijo

augusta said...


Sofia said...

O rapaz é doido!!!! :)))))

Tribal e celestial. Sem paralelo. É mesmo um mundo sonoro dentro da cabeça dele. Quando comecei a ouvir, estranhei. Resolvi ouvir tudo seguido. Loucura. Não me apetece ouvir mais nada. Avalanche musical! Incontinência de sons! Sim, o melhor CD do ano! :)


zemac said...

Algo parecido com o vendaval que me apanhou no regresso a casa, ontem...o caos, a desordem, tudo...
um abraço.

FLY said...

Os bons homens safam-se sempre! :)
É pá, este ano nem nos vemos! :( Almoço antes do Natal? :)


FLY said...

Não consigo descrever o turbilhão de emoções e a alegria por ter descoberto este músico. Estou encantado. Obrigado, David Michael Stith!