Friday, 26 March 2010

FLY / 0298



augusta said...


so sweet sounds, fly..

you are marvellous!

FLY said...

Sabia que ias gostar :))
Basicamente, é um CD de 'blues' :)
É um CD lindo, simples e ternurento :)


White Flower said...

Bubba moved in when My was doing the dishes in the kitchen. While emptying her boxes she heard singing from out there. The next day, she grabbed My by the arm and wished for a harmony on a lullaby she was writing - Apple spell. They sang for some months in each others’ bedrooms in the tiny Copenhagen apartment, and then Mia moved in, with her organs. That summer they had each other as pillows and pancakes, musically. Practice now took place in the kitchen, before breakfast or after midnight. None of them knew where they were going, but they ended up being invited to Italy, and just now, came back from their second visit, with a record of themselves in the backpack.

augusta said...


I love to come here!!!!!