Sunday, 25 July 2010

If You Knew

if you knew how i missed you
you would not stay away today
don't you know i need you
stay here my dear with me

i need you here my darling
together for a day a day
together never parting
just you just me my love

i can't go on without you
your love is all i'm living for
i love all things about you
your heart your soul my love

i need you here beside me
forever and a day a day
i know whatever betides me
I love you i love you I do


White Flower said...

Nomeei-te no meio dos meus sonhos
chamei por ti na minha solidão
troquei o céu azul pelos teus olhos
e o meu sólido chão pelo teu amor

- Ruy Belo -

Vanessa said...

(esse poema*)

Anonymous said...

oooooooh fly

To hell with "Londons Heart" radio station my brit colleagues demand - I'm going to put Nina on!


t (for tangled up in too much work)