Tuesday, 28 September 2010

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White Flower said...

By the time she left home at 18, Pieta had lived in at least 17 different houses and apartments between Iowa and Alabama. Staying true to the disjointed lifestyle of her childhood she wandered from the West Coast to the East. Each locale left its mark on her, accounting for an artist who brings together the unvarnished humility of Loretta Lynn, the honest modern rock punch of P.J. Harvey, the hipster swagger and poetry of Cat Power, and the airy sophistication of Feist.

- in Pieta Brown's web page -
Linda! Maravilhosa!
Lindo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

FLY said...

Estou apaixonado! :))) Linda! Como
é possível nunca lhe ter dado a atenção que merece?

Anonymous said...

Gostaria de saber onde vais buscar tantas gajas giras :)/Lol