Monday, 25 October 2010

///Since friday I have no time to devote myself to this blog. Health problems with a person of the family and also with my dog will not leave me time for anything else. What will I do or could happen with the blog is very simple compared with the real problems of the real life. There is no fictional drama on the blog. At the moment I have no time, but I know very well what to do with the blog. With respect to many, I will give more explanations as soon as I have more leisure time.


augusta said...

espero que tudo esteja bem, logo, logo!
beijinhos :)

sungirl said...

Well the blog will always be here for us all to still enjoy!...and you take care Fly, perhaps spend some time enjoying other people's music!..

Anonymous said...

I wish you and your family well. Fly is a beautiful site. I have come here often for wonderful sounds and imagery. Thank you so much.