Monday, 8 November 2010

FLY / 0359

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FLY said...

The saga continues (and will continue). I doubt you can find this CD in another blog...

White Flower said...

There is something always missing from Mika Vember's biography - perhaps it is an essence only found in performance. Between vocal chords she seems to play like a violin or a tribute to Jolie Holland, and the delicate fondness her fingers have for her nylon-stringed guitar - there is something that remains indescribable. While music is best heard, some artists need to be felt in order to have you flutter. That's the case with Miss Vember.

- in Mika Vember´s Myspace -
Uma loucura!
Ela parece um pouco estranha, mas é muito gira!

t3resopolis said...

Voz especial, as minhas orelhas sorriram..
e agradeceram !! Brutal !

20 twinkles

t3resopolis said...

Muito BOM ..
Voz "especial" as minhas orelhas sorriram.. e te agradecem, BRUTAL !

iuqua otsid otsog.. !!!!



vanessa said...

gostei muito! :)

Anonymous said...

Sempre tudo com muita classe! Música e imagens.


augusta said...

vou ver....

ou melhor, ouvir!