Tuesday, 9 November 2010

FLY / 0360


If this is the cd of folk music more beautiful and pure,
published this year, why is not anywhere?
(This is the only blog to make it available)
Why nobody talks about it and about her?
Lovely cd and beautiful singer.


White Flower said...

Que suavidade. Uma pérola.
Ela tem um EP com a Alela. Deve ser divinal!

tsiwari said...

Someone keeps knocking on my door - tkx!


Anonymous said...

the must be a contender for the best of 2010

augusta said...

fly, tanta coisa nova e eu sem tempo..

shit to the work

long live music!!

augusta said...

amanhã ..

L said...

Gorgeous - thanks very much

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful, indeed. Thx a lot.