Saturday, 20 November 2010

FLY / 0368 /// Great CD! 5 Stars!




FLY said...

One of the best and most wronged singers of recent years and one of the best and most overlooked CDs of 2005. On the blog there is already another excellent CD from her.

augusta said...

thank you, so much!
you are the best!!

White Flower said...

Ela é muito gira!!!
Kelly De Martino is an American born singer-songwriter signed with a French label. She’s worked as an actress in some TV series, films and commercials in Los Angeles, entered the world of fashion in New York City by creating clothing and saving money for leaving for Paris. French press refers to her as etrange et belle Américaine and her minimalist folky songwriting, fragile, seducing voice were already compared to Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star and the vocals of Shivaree. In the acoustic version of “Bumblebees” Kelly’s voice sounds so gentle, baring its delicate, sweet and fresh sound.

- in Aurgasm -

Bird said...

I've a special bond with some music of this lady.
there are songs that i put backwards so many times for not to lose the feeling.. :)

FLY said...

:)) Que bom! Fico muito contente por gostarem dela. Ela merece.

Zito said...

ainda não ouvi este
de certeza que vou gostar :)

quem faz músicas como:
Long Long Long
Just Like You
Marilyn Monroe
ou Honest

merece todo o respeito e atenção