Monday, 20 December 2010

FLY / 0373 /// Grew, still beautiful and made one of the best CDs of the year!

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White Flower said...

I had been writing through the years of hardship, but only songs for my own good and sanity’s sake. I never thought I would actually ever record them, or even play them to my closest of friends. But nearing the end of our year in Austin, the time came to reckon with myself and the songs that had been coming out.

With limited pennies in the pocket, I decided that it was time for me to put some fears aside and deal with some of ‘myself’ in the studio…just me, the guitar and some tape to record on.…That’s how this album began to come to life.

I never dreamed of making something so personal, so available, but it came to the point that I just had to for one else. Not in a selfish sense. It’s just the running had to stop.

Now I can‘t imagine where or who I would be as a person or an artist having not completed this piece of work. I know its taken a long minute.

It has been a journey…and it is recorded in that same way….. on purpose.

It goes from angry and broken, to finding strength and hope.

I hope that I don’t have to make another album quite like this one. I grew up never understanding the point of self titled records, until it came time for me to put a title to this project….needless to say I get it now. This a document of who I am, or more importantly who I’ve been. I could have named it my zip code and blood type, but I thought my name will do for now…..and I won’t ever do it again.

I am so blessed.

- in Shea Seger's web page -

J.Carlos said...

Lo he escuchado tres veces seguidas, y sigo.Como cita White Flower: "Ha sido un viaje....", y me cuesta dejarlo. Por ahora, el mejor regalo de Navidad. I am so blessed. Obrigado.

ilhéu said...

A Shea Seger tem a voz perfeita para se escrever um post de Natal. Com aquela nostalgia que permite o reconhecimento de que andamos na maioria do tempo ao sabor do vento e fica tanto por ouvir e dizer a amigos perdidos em horários e outras coisas menores! Sinto isso em relação a várias pessoas, à tua pessoa e a outras pessoas nossas amigas. Mas pronto, vamos andando que a estrela está à nossa espera para nos guiar. Um abraço, Festas felizes e um ano 2011 capaz de nos levar às nuvens. antónio

L said...

Thanks for sharing Shea Seger.