Friday, 21 January 2011

Pandora's Box / 12 Songs


Bob Dylan - Lay, Lady, Lay
The Dark Water Hymnal - Whole City Glows
Fistful Of Mercy - In Vain Or True
Ida Maria - Keep Me Warm
Selene Vigil-Wilk - On A Limb
Salter Cane - Anomie
The Transatlantics - That's When I Feel So Lonely
David Sylvian - Ballad Of A Deadman
The Decemberists - Rise To Me
Terez Montcalm - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Bliss & Ane Brun - Trust In Your Love
The Singing Loins - Friendship, For Once


White Flower said...

Este cd ficou LINDO! Muito louco! :)
É mesmo como abrir a caixa de Pandora. :)
A capa é... Uff!!!

tsiwari said...

Saving it im my Mp3Player.... thanks, Fly!


FLY said...

:) Bom fim de semana.

gingerandclove said...

mto bonita a compilação!

i sent you an email some days ago, have you got it?


gingerandclove said...

fantastic compilation, this one!