Friday, 11 February 2011

Rejected / Ignored / Discarded

Sometimes I wonder why some cds, bands or musicians don't have the deserved recognition. Why they don't appear on the notorious lists of "best of year"? Why they go unnoticed? Once again this blog will post some of these cases. Enjoy, because some aren't on any side for download.


White Flower said...

Adoro esta música! :D
E vou adorar esta rubrica! ;)

augusta said...

! boa

Time Traveler said...

It´s just the way it goes... those songs and bands are only to be heard by special people :) not the majority.
Adoro vir aqui.

L said...

I ask myself this question all the time. Sometimes it is ability to promote your music or find a label who can help you do it. Or touring tirelessly until you eventually build an audience. Still, a mystery. It helps to have listeners like you with a finely tuned ear, and the patience and determination to discover these great hidden artists. Gratefully...LD