Saturday, 26 February 2011

TheMuSik / 0008

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FLY said...

Lamentavelmente não a referi nos dois anteriores CDs do Mozart. Evidentemente, outra fabulosa pianista: Ingrid Haebler.

White Flower said...

Ingrid Haebler (born Vienna, Austria, June 20, 1926[1]) is an Austrian pianist. Studied at the Salzburg Mozarteum, Vienna Music Academy, Geneva Conservatory and privately in Paris with Marguerite Long. She toured worldwide, but is best known for a series of recordings from the 1950s to 1980s. Her complete recording of Mozart's piano sonatas for the Denon label are still regarded as among the finest sets. Haebler also recorded all of Mozart's piano concertos (almost all of them twice)- often with her own cadenzas - and all of Schubert's sonatas. She was one of several Austrian musicians to experiment early with period instruments, having recorded music of J. C. Bach on a fortepiano. Her recordings of Beethoven with violinist Henryk Szeryng are particularly prized.

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