Wednesday, 16 March 2011

JazZe / 0011




White Flower said...

Gostei! :)
After his first public appearance in 1980, Ignasi Terraza (born in 1962) has played an important role in the Barcelona Jazz scene. His
style has placed him amongst the most in demand accompanists in the City, allowing him to back up many of the American musicians visiting
Wess, Jesse Davis, Gene “Mighty Flea” Conners, Teddy Edwards, Ralph Lalama, Lou Donaldson, Brad Leali or Donald Harrison as well as
Michelle, Randy Greer, Michelle McCain, Lavelle, Dee Daniels, Ann Hampton Callaway or Stacey Kent. Terraza has also been, since its
key members of the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra.

But Terraza’s favorite setting is, indeed, his trio: regular partners include the likes of bassists Pierre Boussaguet, Darryl Hall or Horacio and drummers Gregory Hutchinson, Bobby Durham, Jeff Hamilton, Alvin Queen, Jorge Rossy, Leon Parker or Jean-Pierre Derouard.

- in Ignasi Terraza's webpage -

Bird said...

muito bom.... essencialmte para o meu fim de dia,
a minha hora predilecta para Jazzen :)