Thursday, 7 April 2011

FLY / 0386




sungirl said...

Sweet voice, she reminds me of something from long ago...perhaps the McGarrigle sisters?

White Flower said...

Muito bom!
Annabeth McNamara only recently discovered the existence of music scenes. A desert college drop-out, she ditched her possessions, hitched to Mexico with a band of vagabonds, accidentally became a jail-bird for a too-hot second and cycled the Pacific Coast, all in pursuit of a meaningful existence. She was about to call it quits when she stumbled into a kindly folk musician. That night, at her first-ever house show, she found herself staring into a banjo and had the hugest deja vu of her life. The banjo is the key-shaped key to her destiny.
Annabeth’s music is a means to lead listeners over and over off and away from the maze of the intellect and back to the wilds of the human heart.

- in What a mess ! Records -

augusta said...

obrigada, Fly, por fazeres de mim uma pessoa mais rica!

augusta said...

adoro estas harmonias/melodias

um beijo


FLY said...


:) / Bj*