Friday, 4 November 2011

Again / Be Strong, My Princess

Another operation.
I have lost count.
This is the most decisive.
It's a tremendous fight against cancer.
For various reasons, will be high risk.
If she survives, this surgery will be a miracle.
I have my heart too small and fragile.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fly - I really hope that everything goes well.....I have 6 cats and know exactly how you're feeling and what you're going though! God bless!

tsiwari said...


Anonymous said...

always visited your blog...never left a comm: sorry!
Now I'm touched. I spent 17 years with a sweet companion and I do understand what this trouble time means to you. Hope to open again these pages with glad news.
Friend from Italy

Mir said...

Beijinho enorme pra ti e para a Kukinha!!!

Vai correr td bem!


Bird said...

estamos todos a torcer, por essa tua tb... companheira de vida
abraço mui grande
força e acredita

augusta said...

desculpa não ter vindo falar contigo..