Thursday, 31 May 2012

Visitors / Friends / Visitantes / Amigos
You are amazing :)
You deserve it, there will be a new blog.
The new blog will have a different name,
although I really like the name "Music For The Piano."
Have you noticed that this blog (Fly Fly Fly) is stopped?
Complications with the other blog coincided with a period of hard work.
I'm at a stage of life with very limited time. Have patience.
Thank you all for your support and sympathy.
Until one of these days :)


Thaison said...

Hi Fly,

How lovely to see the piano banner top of the webpage again! I thought I'd never see it again in my life. I am so moved by your determination.

We will have the patience. I hope to see the old links restored and more great music to come!

Thank you very much.

sungirl said...

Obrigada Fly, take care. The time you have put into entertaining us all over the years is immeasurable..Take Care.

GANDALF said...


sungirl said...

Watching the Volvo Ocean Race (on the internet) arrive in your beautiful city of Lisbon> It is the middle of the night as they battle wind against tide...Our New Zealand entry seems to be going backwards now, I hope you enjoy having the big yachts around for a week or two!!....

BachRocks44 said...

Thank you again and again for all you do for us! Do you need contributions to help with the expense of all of these tribulations? If so, please let us know.

kike said...

Thank you Fly for your time & efforts.
We all are waiting for your restart.
Take your time and keep up the great work.
My best regards, K.

Kim Sixx said...

We have patience and until then, take care and the best of luck...

Slow said...

Duckjammy (meetinginmusic) has a gift for you. I hope it's exciting for you. I hope that your return is soon.

Arsumbrae said...

Very good news, we are all waiting for your return, hope very soon.

alex g. said...

Patiently Waiting.... For my sanity to return...
Alex G.

Anonymous said...

Grande Fly, siamo in trepida attesa... Ciao

ale55 said...

we stay with you - until back and therefore again with you - Thank a lot far you wonderful servise . All passion is within us. Forever - Grazie Ale55

François-André said...

A sorte protege os audazes!

Bon courage et à bientôt !