Saturday, 30 October 2010

Notice / Urgent

This blog will stay private.

I need your mail to send you an invitation that will allow you to access the blog.
The blog will have some rules (simple things) that will be announced.
The first rule can now be announced. Whoever makes comments outside the context of the blog (music, photographic, art, film, poetry) with references to my private life, their own or that of any visitor, will be deleted.

Those interested in continuing to view the blog (even those who previously had sent this desire to my other address) should send an email, by the end of this month, to:


To differentiate your mail from spam and the immense common advertising, the mail that is sent must have the subject: "Invitation to the blog of Fly"...and write anything to be able to distinguish the ordinary junk.


tsiwari said...



Hugs and wishing you all the best [this is not a reference to your pvt life, is it? :))) ]

FLY said...

Hum... Não sei não... :))


FLY said...

Já recebi alguns mails e está a ser muito giro. Alguns de vocês nunca tinham comentado no blogue ou apenas tinham escrito uma ou duas palavras. Ao enviarem o mail resolveram escrever um pouco mais. Isso está a ser muito agradável.

FLY said...

I've already received some emails and is being very nice. Some of you have never commented on the blog or had only written one or two words. By sending the mail you've decided to write some more. I was pleasantly surprised.

White Flower said...

Manda o meu convite, PLEEEEASEEEE!!! ;)

augusta said...

esta imagem é qualquer coisa, hein?
mas que espectáculo!!

augusta said...

fly, não feches o blog....