Saturday, 30 October 2010

[ it's time to learn to fly ]

Soon the blog will be restricted. My responsibilities will increase, but also yours. Will close doors to the world and will open windows just for you. I hope you understand and identify with the musical and visual values of this blog. I'll continue to give my best and, therefore, expect the same from all of you. :) *


I still didn't send invitations to anyone and probably will not be sent because it isn't necessary. The people who sent me an e-mail address will automatically gain access. Just have to write the/your e-mail address as password to enter the blog (if you choose the option 'save' only have to do it the first time).
Those interested in continuing to visit the blog should send an email to:



Mo said...

Last night I walked through your blog to say: "goodbye". It was sad and beautiful. The poemas in the comments,
the work with Vanessa, your work... make a bow at the farewell, thank you all!

I love this line from the poem "Stufen" by Hermann Hesse.

"In all beginnings dwells a magic".

my best wishes to all and a good beginning, wherever it may go..
fly! :)

FLY said...


I don't understand. The blog will remain private but have access to all that up to tomorrow send me an email saying that they want to continue watching the blog. You don't want? If you want you should send me an email.

augusta said...

não tenho palavras para descrever a tristeza que sinto, fly..


FLY said...


Oh, my god! O que se passa??? Está tudo doido? O blogue vai ficar privado, mas TU vais CONTINUAR a vê-lo!!!!

Mo said...

no, no.. I want to learn to fly too! :)
but the door close and before he closed, I've been gone through to say goodbye. It's a ending and a new beginning... sad and beautiful.